Food & Hospitality Hygiene Program
We provide Total Cleaning and Sanitation Solution for laundry, stewarding/kitchen, housekeeping and recreation with custom cleaning programs for the foodservice, hospitality and healthcare industries.

Our "Total Solution" packages not only give you superior performance, cost effectiveness, safety and ease of use but also peace of mind.  Our package includes quality products and services, technologically advanced equipment and training and support by a team of experts ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Around the clock, help is just a phone call or click of the mouse away.  We make regular calls to customers' businesses, identifying potential problems that hinder results, training customers' employees in proper sanitation techniques, and demonstrating safe and effective product and system usage.
Total Laundry Solution
Every laundry has different requirement and it is very important to really understand what these requirements are prior to make our recommendation.  We offers just the right solution for you: industrial, institutional laundries and smaller on-premise laundry facilities.  We provide total approach to laundry problems with superior service, training and support.  Results are everything when it comes to laundry operations.  That is why our solution are designed to get the job done right the first time and save you money.  Products are dispensed through equipment designed to ensure accuracy, safety and consistent results.
Product available:
Laundry detergents
Heavy duty alkalis
Laundry softeners
Laundry bleaches
Laundry sour / neutralizers
Mildew removers
Laundry wax
Laundry & drycleaning spotting chemicals
Drycleaning solvent
Special drycleaning solvent for leathers, delicates
Laundry accessories
Total Warewashing Solution
Cleanliness and safety is the minimum requirements expected in every food preparation areas. You must have it right the first time and all the time you conduct your cleaning and sanitation program.  Our experience and know-hows will not only get your kitchenwares cleaned and sanitized every time but also lower your breakage costs.  From any cleaning chemicals you need to the dishwasher, we are there if you needs us.
Product available:
Dishwasher's detergent
Dishwasher machines
Rinse / drying aids
Oven and grill cleaners
Silverwares brighteners
Kitchen floor cleaners
Hand cleaners
Destainers for food & beverage stains
Germicidal cleaners
GP cleaners & sanitisers
Total Housekeeping Solution
Every cleaning and janitorial you needs to keep your restrooms, rooms, lobby areas, floors spotless clean and sanitized, we have the solution ready for you.  We also carry the complete range of janitorial equipment necessary to ensure the cleaning tasks is carried out professionally and in a cost effective manner.  You can count on us.
Product available:
GP cleaners
GP cleaners with sanitisers
GP cleaners with sanitisers and deodorisers
Tubs and basin cream cleaners
Glass cleaners
Air fresheners / odor suppressants
Toilet bowl cleaners
Hand cleaners
Pine cleaners & disinfectants
Body and hair shampoos
Floor polish, strippers, sealers and buffing solutions
Carpet shampoo
Permanent floor coatings
Mildew / mould removers
Rust stains removers
Drain block openers
Basic janitorial cleaning and floor equipment
Soap dispensers
Hand dryers & hair dryers
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