Industrial Chemical Program
Our "Total Systems Approach" and "Zero Inventory" Program includes quality products and services, technologically advanced equipment, training and support by a team of experts ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It not only gives you superior performance, cost effectiveness, safety and ease of use but also peace of mind.

We build our reputation for offering superior solutions, unparallel service, uncompromising product quality and reliability, great values, on-site expertise, lower cleaning and treatment cost and operator training.

We provide a wide range of cleaning, maintenance and surface treatment chemicals, catering to a wide variety of industries.
Surface Treatment Chemicals suitable for the automotive industy & multi-industries.
Processes and products for the chemical surface treatment of metals to achieve improved quality by increasing the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance, improvement of the cold forming properties, improvement of the wear resistance properties, improvement for electrical insulation
  Cleaning and degreasing products for plastics and all metallic substrates.
  Pickling products for the removal of corrosion products from steel, zinc and aluminium substrates.
  Pickling inhibitors for hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid.
  Phosphating processes for steel, zinc and aluminium.
  Chromating processes for alumimium, zinc, cadmium and magnesium.
  Anodizing processes for aluminium.
  Oxalate coating processes, fluoridizing processes for stainless steels or titanium.
  Electroless copper and bronze coating processes for both steel and stainless steel wire.
  Lubricants for the coldforming of phosphated and untreated metal.
  Corrosion preventative oils for the preservation of metallic finished components.
  Neutral cleaners and intermediate cleaners for the washing, cleaning and preservation of metallic parts, particularly after mechanical treatment.
  Cooling lubricants and additives for use in the machining of metallic parts.
Industrial Cleaners & Maintenance Chemicals
  Paint detackification program
  Deburring chemicals
  Electrical motor cleaners and contact cleaners
  Tar / bitumen removers
  Waterless hand cleaners
  Oil / acid absorbers
  Rubber / epoxy removers
  Air conditioner coil cleaners
  Rust converters
  Blackening compounds
  Desizer compounds
  Floor cleaners
  Deburring chemicals
  Electronic grade High Purity Products
Solvent Cleaners
Anti-static products
Conductive Coatings
Conformal Coatings (urethane, silicone resin, acrylic, varnish)
Release Agent-dry lubricants
Flux Removers
Contact Cleaners
Epoxy Adhesive
Epoxy Curing Agents
Epoxy Modifiers
Epoxy Resins
Epoxy Strippers
Tapa Head Cleaner
Krytox Oils & Greases
Specialty cleaners (glass, plastic, metal)
Connector Cleaners & Lubricants
Freezing / fault isolation products
Conformal Coating Stripper
Release Agent Remover
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