Lubricant Program
We provide precise answers to your releasant and lubricant needs - large or small - where and when you need them.
Products for Die Casting
1. Safety-Lube Die Lubricants
The industry's most comprehensive product line for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, squeeze and semi-solid casting operations.
Provides outstanding release.
Brighter, cleaner castings.
Extremely low in-cavity buildup.
Excellent wetting and spreading capabilities.
High lubricity to moving parts.
Larger operating window.
2. Power-Lube Plunger Lubricants
Chem-Trend offers a full line of plunger lubricants from traditional oil-based products to the latest dry pellet and powder formulations.
Improved part quality.
Reduced casting porosity.
Increased shot component life.
Cleaner plant / working environment.
Greatly reduced smoke and flame.
Cleaner remelt conditions.
3. HF Series Hydraulic Fluids
Chem-Trend's water-glycol, fire resistant hydraulic fluid products give you the same consistent level of performance you've come to expect from our die lubricants.
Completely compatible with commonly used seals, hoses and metals.  Unbeatable rust and corrosion protection.
4. Antilowa Waxes
Chem-Trend Anti Solder Wax has a dual function: to remove solder accumulations from aluminum die cast dies and to provide a superior precoat conditioner for new dies.  In combination with die lubricant, it will improve your casting productivity by effectively reducing scrap caused by solder problems.
High Performance Release Agents
Why Miller-Stephenson Release Agents
Our products, with PTFE, provide distinct advantages not available from other formulations.  Besides being thermally stable (to 550F / 285 C), PTFE is chemically insert, insoluble, non-migrating, and nonflammable.  The advantages of these formulations are measurable:
Multiple Release - more release cycles per application, resulting in higher productivity.
No Migration - contain no silicones, which can show up unexpectedly as oily resihue in other work areas.
Minimal Transfer - transfer of mold release to molded parts is negligible, minimizing interference with post finishing operations such as painting, bonding or metalizing.
No Oils or Waxes - no gumming or charring; therefore no need for harsh scraping and cleaning which can shorten mold life.
1. Release Agent - Solvent Based for Room Temperature Molds
Miller-Stephenson's PTFE Release Agent, with DuPont's Krytox DF, creates a superior release for plastics, elastomers and resins; including acrylics, urethanes, rubber, nylons, epoxies, polycarbonates and polystyrene. Designed to give multiple releases between applications. Apply to molds up to 200 F (93C).  Molds can then be heated in excess of 500 F (260 C).  No discernible transfer. No migration.  Non-flammable. Contain no silicones or CFCs.  Available with a red dye indicator.  As a dry lubricant, MS-122 DF and MS-143DF may be used on metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, elastomers, wood, paper and some plastics. Class 2 ODC.  Available in aerosol and bulk liquid.
2. Release Agent - Water Based for Hot Molds
Based on Teflon chemistry, MS-136W's active ingredient (PTFE) is an ideal release agent for elastomers, including natural and synthetic rubber, EPDM, NBR, silicone, Viton and neoprene, also certain plastics and resins.  For applying to preheated molds 212 F (100 C) to 550 F (285 C), MS-136W will not activate below 212 F (100 C).  There is no discernible transfer or migration.  Non-flammable.  Available in aerosol and bulk liquid.
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