Food Processing Cleaning & Sanitation Program
For a cleaner food processing industry
We provide a comprehensive line of custom products and systems targeted to meet the food processing industry's demanding sanitation needs.  We offer electronic controls and dispensing equipment that provide precise, automated delivery of cleaning products.
Food Plan is a complete, cleaning system designed to achieve consistent cleanliness in the food processing industry: abattoirs, canneries, breweries, soft drink manufacture and dairies.
With our Food Plan, you can be assured of having:
The Right Cleaning Products
Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Programs
Reliable After Sales Service.
On-Site Staff Training.
FOOD PLAN Users also enjoys these additional benefits.
Cleaning schedule wall charts
Our wall charts are specially designed to assist your operators in identifying and correctly using each product.
On-site staff training
We provide on the job staff training for your employees to make sure you get the best results from our cleaning products and equipment.  Training sessions cover product applications and concentrations, sanitation protection procedures, food handling and a thorough program of familization with our dispensing and cleaning equipment.
Dispensing equipment
Our range of dispensing equipment is designed to achieve maximum economy of product use, to be consistently reliable in operation and easy to operate.  Our equipment and products will provide you with optimum cleaning results.
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